What Are Underground Utilities?

Underground utilities include underground resources and equipment like pipes and wires used to transport water, natural gas, telecommunications, and electricity to homes, businesses, and public buildings.

There are nearly two million miles of underground utilities in the United States, which equals over one hundred miles of underground line for every person in our entire country. (pipespy.com)

Why Choose Dan's Excavating For Your Underground Utility Project?

Underground utility installation and repair require precision, knowledge, and high-quality workmanship to minimize disruptions in key services our customers rely on each day. At Dan's Excavating, we're committed to completing each underground utility project efficiently and accurately.

Our dedicated pipe and utility crew is equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to tackle any size and scope of underground utility or pipe project - from installation to new customer hook-up and repairs. 

Dan's Excavating is also recognized as a preferred contractor for emergency repair work for Agassiz, Marshall, Polk, Grand Forks, Traill, and Tri-County Rural water systems. And we have been providing underground utility services to customers in Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, and surrounding communities for over 40 years!

With experience comes the confidence to guarantee that our professionals will ensure the successful completion of any utility project, including: 

  • House Sewers
  • Lateral Sewers
  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Storm Sewers
  • Residential Water Service

Underground Utility Services for Grand Forks County and Polk County

Dan's Excavating offers underground utilities installation and repair services including:

Pipe Laying & Finishing

We install, connect, and repair pipes for these underground utilities:

  • Water pipe and supply lines
  • Sewer pipe and supply lines
Pipe Laying Underground Utilities
Connecting water pipes together for water system expansion

Water Main & Water Service Line Expansion & Repairs

Residential water service begins at the city or county water main (a.k.a. main water line), which is usually located in the street, through water service lines (a.k.a. water supply lines) that bring the water onto your property and connect to your water meter.

From there, water distribution lines (pipes) distribute water from the water meter to various locations on your property - like your water heater, shower, sinks, toilets, and even outside spigots.

We help residential, commercial, and municipal customers with issues involving the water main and water service lines like:

  • New Customer Hook-up
  • Water System Expansion
  • Water Service Repairs

Sewer Main & Sewer Service Lines Expansion & Repairs

Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers, and Lateral Sewers

Similar to the way water service is provided to your property, but in reverse. Sewage from your sinks, showers, and toilets flow into sewage distribution lines which carry wastewater into sewer service lines. The sewer service lines carry sewage into the main sewer line (which is buried in the street) which delivers wastewater to the water treatment facility for processing.

We help municipal, commercial, and residential customers with issues involving the sewer main and sewer service lines like:

  • New Residential Customer Hook-up
  • System Expansion
  • Emergency Repairs
Installing sewer lines

Trench Safety

To ensure that each task is completed safely and successfully, our underground utility crews focus on completing pre-task Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), and have completed the proper safety training including Competent Person training, OSHA regulation training, shoring utilization training, and more.  You expect results and we deliver.

Let Dan's Excavating handle your underground utilities project with the care and expertise necessary to give you peace of mind of knowing that every detail is taken care of with precision, accuracy, and quality you can count on.

Recent Underground Utility Projects

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Other Resources

You may have other questions when planning an underground utility project for sewer or water services. So we created some downloadable guides and compiled links to other resources you may find helpful before, during, and after your underground utility project.

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